Individual therapy sessions- 

I help people gain self-awareness and the confidence to overcome challenges and manage life stressors. My approach is a holistic blend of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being that includes transforming self-limited perspectives into empowered beliefs; learning the embodiment of self-care; and strengthening a sense of connection with life. I offer clients seeking psychotherapy loving kindness, along with a variety of creative and collaborate interventions and support that may also include yoga and creative expression. All therapy sessions begin with a client history and assessment to develop a treatment plan designed to specific goals and needs. Therapy sessions offer an inspired, thought provoking and supportive experience to explore challenges and learn strategies to feel empowered. My goal is to join you on a journey towards uncovering your strength and worthiness to live fully in the world. 

Experiential workshops-

I create the space for meaningful discussion that builds a greater sense of community and togetherness. I offer experiential workshops at your company, home, conference, or school which includes an educational lecture, creative expression exercises, yoga, and therapeutic processes for participants 1-3 hours, multiple sessions, or as needed. Clients can identify a topic based on the intention or focus of the audience. I incorporate therapeutic skills, emotional processing techniques, varied learning styles and spiritual beliefs & practices to meet the goal of your group.