More About Me


As a natural born storyteller, writing has always been my creative expression. It brings the important things into focus, gaining understanding and perspective. I’m also not one to shy away from the spontaneity involved in living honestly, no matter how uncomfortable. I’m more interested in connecting intimately with others than looking or being “cool”.

While we are on the topic of honesty, I’d like to share with you that a bat flew into my life delivering a powerful message [figuratively of course] that played a major role in the development of this website. [After reading that sentence you’re either scared or intrigued. If you find yourself intrigued, please read on]. In 2008 I completed a 10-week yoga teacher-training course to become a certified yoga instructor. This experience awakened my spirituality and transformed the way I view life. What emerged is a belief in the power of collective energy and the use of intuition to move with the flow. In other words, living life on life’s terms. Aside from this philosophy, I’ve also learned that peace is found within; karmic energy is experienced; chanting is awesome; and nothing is too weird for me.

My professional hat wearing consists of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker where I’ve worked as a Psychotherapist since 2013 specializing in spirituality, creative expression and authentic living. My work includes children and families, individuals with addictions & co-occurring mental health issues, and group therapy. My work always begins with comfort, creating a space where people feel safe to be open [and vulnerable] which, as we all know can be an unpleasant process. I never give suggestions I’m not willing to take, and honor others and myself by living in accordance with my spoken word.

With the birth of my beautiful son came my arch nemesis [dun dun dunnn] CHANGE and with him his fear mongering posse. This role has singlehandedly brought me to this chapter, forcing me to let go [scary stuff people]. Simply stated, parenthood has forced me to show up and practice what I preach. 


[If you’ve gotten this far…here’s the meat [LESS]-and-potatoes of my introduction] My message is that we are pretty much the same [and that is okay]. We all long for love and belonging and struggle with fear and self-doubt. The more we hide [our truths] from each other the more disconnected we become from our self and each other. Its time to stop striving to be perfect, choose to embrace our ordinary self, and discover how truly liberating it is.

Thanks again for visiting. I hope you find something I share helpful.



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